Tuesday, February 24, 2009

First Steps moving in Taylor

Yesterday we held a First Steps Pastor luncheon in Taylor, Texas. Pastor Rick Ives was in from Springfield, Ohio, and made an outstanding case for one-on-one discipleship within the critical 90 days of a decision for Christ.

Ten churches were represented at the luncheon and all attendees gave a favorable response to the presentation, and plan to support the April 4th seminar to varying degrees. Some will be sending a few key leaders, while others plan to invite the congregation at-large. You can read more about the up-coming seminar at www.hismoralbanner.com/firststeps.

I also visited with Rev. Daniel Alderette yesterday afternoon. Daniel had already expressed interest in First Steps, but was unable to attend the luncheon. The church Daniel leads just added 13 new members, and he had been praying about how to best help these new folks. After we visited, he read the Swimming Lessons book, and today he confirmed an order for 20 workbooks and we're scheduling a mini-seminar to help get them jump started. The First Steps seminar is scheduled for April 4th, and Reverend Daniel recognizes the need to start discipling these new believers right away.

Please pray for the renewed commitment to discipleship in your church. We can bring these great resources to your church. Other First Steps Discipleship Seminars are coming to Texas soon!

America Bless God

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

First Steps in Taylor

The First Steps Discipleship seminar is coming to Taylor, Texas. The First Steps resources make it easy to disciple another in a structured one-on-one setting. Several church in and around Austin have begun to use the material since our seminar held last year.

A pastor luncheon and the seminar are scheduled as follows.
First Steps Discipleship - Pastor Luncheon
Monday, February 23rd, Noon - 1 pm
Taylor, Texas
Pastor Rick Ives presentation
Learn more about the Pastor Luncheon >>

First Steps Discipleship Seminar
Saturday, April 4th, 8:30 am - 3:30 pm
TownWest Church
1616 Granger Dr.
Taylor, Texas
Learn more about the Seminar >>

I''ll be teaching the seminar. Please pray for these events, for discipleship in your church and family, and attend a First Steps Discipleship Seminar.

Brent Bullock, Minister
America Bless God

Stretching the Church

This past weekend marked a major milestone in the life of the America Bless God Campaign. It was over seven years ago that I first had a vision for the re-evangelization of the United States. This past weekend that vision became a reality.

Four churches in Rockdale, the Singles Ministry / Brazilian Mission Team from Great Baptist Church in Austin, and the America Bless God Campaign teamed up to bring evangelism and discipleship to Rockdale. On Friday night, folks attended the basketball team to support the home team. NFL Pro and International PowerTeam member, Keith Davis was on hand.

Saturday morning teams of two or three were sent out to knock on doors in Rockdale. The teams were telling folks about the PowerRally, praying/ministering to people, and sharing the Gospel of Christ. Many great testimonies were heard after the morning visits.

On Saturday evening, approximately 150 people gathered in the stands of the local Junior High gym to see Keith Davis and Joe Reed. They heard the gospel Celebration Choir from Great Hills and Randy Stripling. The gospel was preached in its simplicity and power. Cheers for Jesus were heard throughout the nights, and out of that small crowd, over 24 decisions for Christ were made. The power of the gospel is amazing. And the local churches are ready to disciple those that made decisions. Meadowbrook has been training with the First Steps material.

As I reflect on the weekend I see churches that were stretched into the realm were Jesus calls us to operate. While the Brazilian missions team from Austin is familiar and great at missions in Brazil, yet Rockdale is more like evangelizing in your own backyard. The local Rockdale pastors saw a genuine pursuit of the Great Commission. The local Rockdale church members engaged in something that is not common, and something that can be scary to do in your own home town.

I am so grateful for pastors Rick Hertless and Tim Moore. I am also grateful for Meadowbrook Baptist, Rockdale Christian, St. John's UMC and First Christian Church; all of Rockdale. It was inspiring to see some many eager to engage the community and simply amazing to see such a large percentage of the PowerRally crowd make a decision.

For me this is the beginning of the fulfillment of a prayer and a vision God placed in my heart seven years ago. The wonders of His working are mysterious and beautiful. People are very interested in pursuing simple efforts for the future. Let us be faithful in doing as He has commanded.

God Save the U.S.A.