Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Christian Anti-Defamation Commission

Do you just sit there and take it when someone speaks ill of your child or spouse? I wonder if you sit idly by when someone disses your favorite football team, or speaks bad of the organization you are associated with. In fact, many of you won't tolerate that for a second. You vocally defend the people and organization you are committed to.

Christ and Christianity are routinely dissed in our society. Why do we not stand up for His name? Why are racial slurs viewed with disdain, and there is silence when Christ is profaned? Dr. Gary Cass and the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission are not silent on such matters, nor were the Apostles of the early church.

I urge you to logon to www.christianadc.org and find out how you can help silence the defamation of Christ in America.

America Bless God
Brent Bullock

Preserving the Free Market

Worldview Encounter 2 is now history and will long live in my memory. We furthered our relationships with national ministry partners and were so blessed to have fellowship with those that attended and those that traveled from across the country to be a part of the program.

The talk of the conference was Dan Smithwick's "Preserving the Free Market" presentation. Dan gave us an overview of new curriculum that covers the history of the monetary system from a world and a U.S. perspective. There are elements of this presentation that will shake the firmest pastor. Evil is ever present in this temporal world. This new course from Nehemiah Institute will equip you to stay strong through turbulent economic times and help turn the nation back to a righteous and just economic system.

I would be honored to bring "Preserving the Free Market" to your church, small group, or city. Contact me to learn more >>

America Bless God
Brent Bullock

Olde Tyme Discipleship

There is an old song that calls out, "Give me that Old Time Religion; it's good enough for me!" The only old time religion that's good enough for me goes all the way back to 33 A.D.

America is trapped in a new form of religion. Frankly, I think it is self-serving more than sacrificial. The religion of Jesus is an "other serving" religion. The religion of Jesus includes much tyme alone with the Father. The religion of Jesus is intimately familiar with the Sacred Scriptures. Jesus studied and taught from the Old Testament rather than discarding it. The religion of Jesus is evangelical, it is transformational, and it is powerful. Christianity in America has a form of godliness, but denies its power.

You can be a part of changing that. First Steps One-On-One Discipleship will equip you to disciple another believer. First Steps will give you the confidence and resources needed to help establish new or renewed believers in the fundamental disciplines that Jesus taught.
Our nation needs you desperately. Join us for an up-coming First Steps Seminar, or invite First Steps to your city!

  • God's Way Baptist Church
    Saturday, October 24th, 9 am - 3 pm
    1101 W. 2nd St., Taylor, Texas
  • Austin Baptist Association
    Wednesday, November 18th, 11 am - 2 pm
    3811 Harmon Ave, Austin, Texas
    ** Special seminar for Pastors & Ministry Leaders
www.disciplinganother.com - or - www.hismoralbanner.com/firststeps

Visit us at Hutto Olde Tyme Days

Hutto Olde Tyme Days is coming this Saturday, October 17th. The America Bless God Campaign will be on hand to help with the Olde Tyme part...

It's interesting to think about all of the changes in American values. Is the Olde Tyme view of family, sex, and marriage better or worse than today's view? Is the Olde Tyme view of the Bible and the Church no longer relevant? Is the Olde Tyme view of community even possible in a nation of big box stores? Can the Olde Tyme view of Statesmanship be reasserted in a culture of corruption?

I believe that all things are possible with God. I believe America can be saved from Secular Humanism, Pluralism, and Moral Relativism. I believe the church, the Bible, and Spirit of God are able to transform; even transform an entire nation.

Join us this Saturday, October 17th, as we distribute literature, talk to folks, and pray with those in need. America Bless God will have a booth at Olde Tyme Days, and New Hope Christian Church is holding an open house. Come to Hutto and check out Olde Tyme Days anytime from 8 am - 5 pm!

www.hutto.org www.newhopehutto.org