Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Brio, Breakaway and Plugged In Going Online Only

Focus on the Family is taking it's teen oriented magazines to on-line format only. Brio, Brio and Beyond, Breakaway, and Plugged In, formerly available in print and on-line content will turn into online only magazines. Read the story as published by Christianity Today>>

The America Bless God Campaign has been promoting these magazine in public and in business/professional building waiting areas. Will be be changing these programs as we get more details from Focus on the Family.

The Club House, Club House Jr. and Citizen magazines will still be available in print, through Citizen will be reduced from twelve to ten issues per year.

Look for more information to follow, and check out the on-line versions today ...

America Bless God

Friday, December 12, 2008

Great Increases in Web Traffic

I have two great pieces of news to share. Both are related to our web-site.

One, web-traffic is up greatly! We have gone from 335 unique visitors per month in November 2007 to 947 in 2008! That's three times the number we had last year! The number visitors went from 414 to 1308. This is great news and we appreciate your support in making it happen. The total number of page hits went from 1090 pages in November 2007 to 4078 in 2008.

We've also moved up on the search listings. Our web-site is now in the #2 spot for the phrase "America Bless God" on Google and #3 on Yahoo / GoodSearch. It takes a lot of work to make this happen, and I cannot do it alone. Thanks for helping to spread the word and ....

Turning America to God.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Churches Partner to Reach Rockdale

Pastors Rick Hertless and Tim Moore are working together to advance the gospel in America. Pastor Rick leads Meadowbrook Baptist Church in Rockdale, and Pastor Tim Moore is the Singles Pastor and Missions Director at Great Hills Baptist in Austin. As a apart of the Commit to His Bride program, Great Hills and Meadowbrook are bringing an athletic mission to Rockdale in January 2009.

The singles ministry of Great Hills will be attending a Friday night basketball game, sharing testimonies about Christ on Saturday, and inviting folks to see and hear a former pro athlete at a Saturday night Community of Faith event. Please pray for this event and call or email us to learn how you can help the Commit to His Bride program.

America Bless God

Morality Spotlight: Alarming Trends Among Youth

I understand this does not come as a shock to you, but the trend of immoral conduct in our nation continues in the wrong direction. When we remove God and His commands from our education system and culture, I do not know what else we would expect. The Josephson Institute has just released their latest version of an on-going study on ethics among youth.

The Ethics of American Youth - 2008 Summary

Survey of teens reveals entrenched habits of dishonesty — stealing, lying, and cheating rates climb to alarming rates.

To deny the problem is foolish. To be apathetic is simply irresponsible. We must act! We must engage our culture to reverse the moral decline in America!

How do we do that? We honor the Great Commission and the Great Commandment. The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. If you want to help turn America back to God, call, write, or email me. I will help you find a way that you can impact this culture. If you're already doing something to help, please let me know about it.

Join me in praying and expecting change ... God Save the U.S.A.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Coming Together to Thank God

It was truly a great blessing! I do not ever recall being a part of such a Spirit-filled community event. Six of the sixteen Christian churches in Hutto united to praise the name of Jesus and to thank God for all that He has done. The unified praise team came together for the gospel, and made a joyous noise of thanks and adoration of Almight God!

This is the third Hutto Community Thankgiving Service I've participated in. Pastor Tim Muhlbrad of Hutto Lutheran Church is culprit in getting pastors together. There were 121 folks that attended. We collected $314 for the Hope Pregnancy Center in Hutto, and some non-preishable items for the Food Pantry. We also had a Turkey Raffle, that was won by my daughter. I caught some grief over that, but she had found a needy home for it, before the "comradery" caught up with me.

The following churches participated ...

New Hope Christian Church, Michael Roepke, Minister
New Revelation Baptist Church, Pastor F.L. Harris
Family of God Church, Pastor Chris Ross
LaHermosa Church of Hutto, Pastor Jerry Reynaga
Hutto Lutheran Church, Pastor Tim Muhlbrad
Straight Gate Fellowship, Pastor James McGilveary
Pastor McGilveary preached a good word on being thankful for whatever you have and whatever situtation you're in. I was priveledge to read President Theodore Roosevelt's final Thanksgiving Proclamation (1908). Read more on Roosevelt's proclamation here >>

Praise God for the Great Things He Hath Done!

Support Us While You Shop

What if the America Bless God Campaign earned a percentage of every purchase you made on-line this Christmas? Now it can!

GoodShop.com is a new online shopping mall which donates up to 37 percent of each purchase to your favorite cause! Hundreds of great stores including Amazon, Target, Gap, Best Buy, ebay, Macy's and Barnes & Noble have teamed up with GoodShop and every time you place an order, you’ll be supporting our ministry to Turn America Back to God.

GoodSearch.com is a Yahoo-powered search engine that donates half its advertising revenue, about a penny per search, to the charities its users designate. Use it just as you would any search engine, get quality search results from Yahoo, and watch the donations add up!

Either way, on-line searching or shopping, you can help us earn money this Christmas Season. Just go to www.goodsearch.com and be sure to enter "America Bless God" as the charity you want to support. And, help spread the word!

America Bless God

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Commit to His Bride Unveiled

Continuing education and on-the-job training are no foreigners to ministry efforts. We've been working and serving in the America Bless God Campaign for three years, and always we are learning new things, and are open to the changes needed to serve our Lord better.

One of the lessons we learned has led to the launch of a more focused ministry effort in Rockdale, which will serve as a template for going forward. We had billboards in Rockdale for almost two years, and those billboards did their job. Now, we know how to make them work better.

The Commit to His Bride program will launch in Rockdale this January. We're combining a 90 day ad blitz with missions teams on the ground in an effort to strengthen the churches of Rockdale. Learn more about Commit to His Bride and find out how you can be a part of "Commit to His Bride".

Watch the Commit to His Bride video

First Steps Discipleship Momentum at TownWest

In early 2008 Pastor Ray Willis from DA2LJ visited Round Rock, Texas for a pastor luncheon hosted by the America Bless God Campaign. John Byrd was one of those that attended. John is a member of TownWest Church in Taylor, Texas.

The luncheon led to a First Steps Discipleship Seminar which John also attended. Now God is at work using First Steps to reach people in Taylor. Below is a sample of the comments made by John at our Third Annual Banquet.

"... when we approach people about [discipling another], their first reaction is “Not me”, “I can’t do it”, “I don’t know enough”, “I won’t know what to say or how to say it”. The book, the First Steps book makes it so easy and so relaxed to be able to do it."

"So, [First Steps Discipleship has] got a lot of momentum going in our church"

Click here to Watch and hear John's Testimony about First Steps Discipleship.

Shackin' with the Church

You're all probably familiar with the phrase "shackin' up". While it used to be more common than now, and certainly cast a bad light on those involved, we now let it go with out much thought or attention. And until now, you may have never considered how that principle applies to our commitment to the church.

Pastor James McGilveary, of Straight Gate Fellowship in Hutto, brought us a much needed message at our Third Annual Banquet. Pastor McGilveary spoke about the modern non-commitment to the church. The Banquet theme reflects our new program "Commit to His Bride"
You must hear Pastor McGilveary's message! Watch and listen on our web-site.

The Torch of Freedom

It is easy to get overly focused on one aspect of life. This can happen in the church, businesses, families, government or with individuals. In churches, we can focus on worship to the detriment of discipleship or evangelism. We can overly focus on in-church fellowship to the detriment of reaching the lost outside the church. In business we can overly focus on internal procedure or training at the expensive of being out generating sales. With the government, well I'll leave that to your observations.

As individuals, men often focus on earning money at the expense of relationships with their wife or children. Women sometimes focus so much on the kids, that they neglect their husband. If we allow our childs education to be dominated by secular teaching, we can fail to firmly implant the laws of God. With all of us we can overly focus on family, sports, or a hobby at the expense of our community. We need to live balanced lives that support family, church, community and government.

Michael Bullock has participated in the Patriot Academy for the last two summer sessions. The Patriot Academy is a mock legislative session held at the Texas Capitol for young people age 16 to 25. Michael spoke about the importance of passing the Torch of Freedom from one generation to another. His speech was given at our Third Annual Banquet on October 11, 2008.

Watch the Torch of Freedom Video

America Bless God - Pass the Torch of Freedom

Thursday, September 18, 2008

PEERS Test Now with On-Line Results

The PEERS Test from Nehemiah Institute is now available with on-line test results, at a much reduced cost. The PEERS Test is a 70 question worldview survey that covers Politics, Economics, Education, Religion and Social policy.

The America Bless God Campaign highly recommends this test. You need to take this test! It will help you get a handle on policy aspects of Biblical and Secular worldviews.

Visit www.hismoralbanner.com/peers and click on the PEERS Test AA20 On-line Test & Results. The cost is $4 less a %10 discount, when you use our discount code ABG512. Please use the discount code, and take this test right away. You will be challenged for the better.

America Bless God

Banquet Re-Scheduled for Oct 11th - 11:30 AM

The Third Annual America Bless God Banquet is re-scheduled for Saturday, October 11, 2008, 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM.

Commit to His Bride is our campaign to promote church attendance and commitment. The campaign includes the use of advertising and missions teams. We'll unveil more details at the banquet, and provide a summary of our efforts in the past year.

Guest speakers are ...
- Pastor James McGilveary, Straightgate Fellowship, Hutto, Texas
- Congressman John Carter, U.S. Representative

Please inivite some friends and make plans to join us. There is no cost to attend. Proceeds from donations at the banquet will be used to fund the Commit To His Bride campaign.

Register at: www.hismoralbanner.com/banquet

Barbara Bullock, Ronny Koehn & Brent Bullock

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Third Annual America Bless God Banquet

Please join us for the Third Annual America Bless God Banquet on Saturday, September 13, 2008, 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM

Commit to His Bride is our campaign to promote church attendance and commitment. The campaign includes the use of advertising and missions teams. We'll unveil more details at the banquet, and provide a summary of our efforts in the past year.

Guest Speakers are ...
- Pastor James McGilveary, Straightgate Fellowship, Hutto, Texas
- Congressman John Carter, U.S. Representative, District 31

Please make plans to join us. There is no cost to attend. Proceeds from donations at the banquet will be used to fund the Commit To His Bride campaign.

Barbara Bullock, Ronny Koehn & Brent Bullock

Sponsorship opportunities are available for businesses and organizations. Learn more >>

PS: Thank you to those that have already registered.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ad Campaign Update

Do you believe that TV, movies, music, and magazines can have a negative impact on culture? I do too. I also believe that they can be used for good purposes as well.

We've been testing out the use of billboards, newspaper, radio and the Internet. We desire to use these to help turn America back to Biblical Morality, and are excited to announce two ad campaigns that are under development: "Take your Bible to School" and "Show Commitment".

We have pulled down the old billboards in Rockdale, and are preparing to re-launch our Rockdale effort and to launch PSAs regarding the Bible in Texas Schools. Read more on our main web-site and consider helping us make these campaigns a reality.


America Bless God

Monday, July 7, 2008

First Bookstore Order

Thank God that the America Bless God message is getting around.

This past week a bookstore owner from Georgia contacted me. She was looking for America Bless God bumper stickers, saying that folks were asking for them. She placed an order for 50 clear decals and 50 white bumper stickers. They are now shipped and paid for!

I'm very grateful for this small milestone.

America Bless God

Independence Day in Liberty Hill

What a blessing! This July 4th I enjoyed a wonderful day at the American Family Reunion Event in Liberty Hill, Texas along with several of our volunteers. We saw George Washington (Mark Collins) and Congressman John Carter at a luncheon for Veterans, ministered to a number of people, and had great visitors to our booth. It was a very successful day.

Overall, we prayed with seven or more people, witnesses to two unbelievers, helped a family needing a church home, signed-up over twenty people for the campaign mailing list, and took in about $250 in donations and sales.

Mr. Don Bebee of American Family Reunion invited us to the event. I had no idea how providential this event would be. We met Congressman John Carter and his opponent for the District 31 seat of the U.S. House, Mr. Brian Ruiz. We made contact with several different churches, including a youth minister from Eldorado.

The were varied needs among the folks we prayed with . We asked the Lord to help a veteran suffering from with Leukemia; A family with relational problems; A veteran concerned about our nation; School teachers in need of strength, and unbelievers in need of the Savior. We spoke at length with an off-duty police officer who thanked us numerous times for helping to steer our nation back toward God. The folks with visited with were very positive about the campaign.

John Auer and Andy Beers helped setup the booth. Rob Coker was there all day long, and was a great blessing with his willingness to talk to people. Rob shared encouragement from God's Word, told folks about our campaign, witnessed to folks, and prayed with those in need. Dede, Michael, and Bryana also helped operate the booth. We left Lions Foundation Park around 10:30pm, after the fireworks display. It was a long day, but very successful.

Thanks to Don Bebee and American Family Reunion for the great venue, and above all, thank God for His faithful provision.

America Bless God

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Politics, Religion and Apple Pie

Most of you reading this understand that these are among my favorites topics. I love baseball and Chevy's also, but you'll find my days packed with Religion and Politics. And yes, my belly has seen it's share of apple pie.

We live in the greatest nation on planet earth. Ours is unique. Ours is free. Ours is built upon liberty, not oppression. Yet, I must honestly say that I am direly concerned about the direction of our nation. I desire to hand my children and grand-children the nation that I grew up in. The land of freedom to succeed or fail. The land of independence. The land of the hardest working, bravest people in the course of history.

It is with great excitement that I say the following. We are going to the air-ways! The America Bless God Campaign will launch a new weekly radio program at the end of July, "Political Hope!" We aim to illuminate the intersection of religion and policy.

The Founders of the United States saw the deep connection between religious principles and good government. They knew that self-government and the separation of powers were central to liberty. We intend to give the citizens of America hope that our political system will survive the test of time. We aim to help people understand and simplify the varying ideological viewpoints that direct the policies of those in power. That's where the apple pie comes in.

Religion and politics are very controversial topics. Political Hope will feature live interviews with guests of opposing viewpoints. Apple pie and coffee are needed to help develop friendship and respect in the midst of our differences, as we talk with you and the guests live on the air.

Save the date. We're launching on Sunday, July 27th at 4pm.

Will someone please bake a pie for us? You can listen on-line at http://www.klgo.net/ or over the airways in Austin, Texas on The Word, 98.5 or 99.3 FM, Teaching and Talk for Austin and Central Texas. Please make plans to call us on the air to talk Politics and Religion with a mouth full of apple pie.

God Save the U.S.A.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Undisputed Evangelical Manifesto

"Go and make disciples of all nations ..."

He didn't ask for converts. He didn't ask for "Evangelicals" (i.e. the May 2008 U.S. contemporary political definition). He asked for disciples. He asked for those that love God, love people, and obey His commands. He ask for those that know Him, and therefore the Father.

The harsh reality is that many converts to Christianity simply fall away in the first few months following a profession of faith in Christ Jesus. Maybe they are driven away. The harsh reality is that many churches don't disciple new believers, or old for that matter. The America Bless God (ABG) Campaign and DA2LJ Inc. aim to change that.

ABG, DA2LJ and Abundant Faith Church in Round Rock, Texas worked together to bring the First Steps Discipleship Seminar to the Austin area. On Saturday, May 10th, twenty believers representing eight churches and five "denominations" gathered to become better equipped for one-on-one discipleship. What a blessing! Pastor Art Cardenas of Abundant Faith Church was very gracious in hosting the seminar and excited for the possibilities of further equipping his congregation.

Sylvester Treadway of Abundant Faith led us in several inspiring worship songs. The man is gifted and passionate! Pastor Rick Ives of Springfield, Ohio taught the seminar. Pastor Rick has many years of evangelism and discipleship experience in Russian and the U.S.A.

Pastor Rick covered the material in a way that helped us to become very familiar with the structure of basic discipleship lessons in First Steps, and helped us to be ready and equipped to disciple another. I pray that First Steps will grow wildly in Central Texas and the U.S. as we seek to embrace the undisputed evangelical manifesto.

"Go and make disciples of all nations ..."

God save the U.S.A.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Too Busy to Turn

Most of us live in a fast paced life. Our days are packed with work, volunteer meetings and responsibilities at home. We're headed down a pre-determined path, and we don't have time to change course. We are too busy to turn.

The city leaders and pastors that I talk to are just as busy as other Americans. Fewer people are taking the time to read. Audio and video resources are preferred by many. The campaign is now using two new audio/video products to communicate the value and role that Christianity has played in shaping our nation. These products can be used in the car the PC, or the home entertainment system. This makes it easier for influential people to be influenced by the great Christian Heritage of our nation!

Newt Gingrich and David Barton have produced a new video/DVD called ...
"Rediscovering God in America"

Gary DeMar has produced an audio CD titled:
"America: The Untold Story"
These two resources are great gifts for busy civil leaders and pastors. These products align with our purpose of re-establishing Biblical Morality and promoting America's Christian Heritage. Your contributions to the campaign will help us distribute more of these audio/video resources and the books that we've been giving to civil leaders since our inception.

Visit our web-site to join me in impacting our nation with the History of Our Great Nation!

Hippos are Happy Even in the Mud

We've lived in Hutto for over two years now, and we've like this "little town" very much. Certainly it has muck and mire like everywhere else, but Hutto has been able to maintain a small town feel, even in the midst of explosive growth. The people here are happy Hippos, even though we all have our mud puddles to deal with.

A number of exciting efforts are underway in Hutto. I am co-ordinating the Hutto Ministerial Alliance with the prompting and support of Hutto Police Chief, Harold Thomas. The fellowship and camaraderie of the pastors is great.

The Ministerial Alliance started an "Adopt-A-Cop" program, where each church is praying for and encouraging specific police personnel. Police Chaplain training by the International Conference of Police Chaplains is set for early May. We have nine ministers/pastors registered, and expect more to participate.

The Cities of Hutto and Taylor have adopted an Army unit that deploys to Iraq in June. The unit does aviation attack and recon. The cities will help support the troops and their families, before and during deployment. Click here to see the press release.

I'm also leading a group of local volunteers that has put together two National Day of Prayer events for Hutto, Texas. ABG is sponsoring the events and hosting the web-site: http://www.prayhutto.org/. Hutto Mayor, Ken Love, issued a National Day of Prayer proclamation to Hutto citizens on April 17th, 2008. We look forward to seeing God answer prayers for "little town" and our nation.

BTW: Remember the Jena Six? Read about the revival that recently took off in Jena, LA, where racial tensions captured media attention last fall.

Secular Litter-a-ture

Do you remember overtures? If you listen to classical music, you may have heard a good one lately. If you watch classical movies, you might have seen one. If you're like contemporary culture, maybe you need a refresher on the meaning of this word. This paragraph is one.

The point is that we tend to just jump right into the main drama these days. The steamy build-up of romantic scenes is rarely depicted anymore. Movies and TV programs just go straight to throwing clothes off. That's the way it is with most magazines as well.

Grocery store check-out lines and business waiting areas are filled with the litter of secular magazines. I call it “litter-a-ture”. It litters the mind with the immoral secular godless ideas that hurt our families and our children.

The America Bless God Campaign signed an agreement with Focus on the Family in late 2007. We're now working to place magazines filled with Godly instruction in business waiting areas. The ideas of man are nothing special, Godly Wisdom is a rare jewel (Thanks Tim Ewing).

We’ve placed magazines in several businesses in Hutto, and a few homes in various states. Placing these magazines in public areas aligns with our mission of re-establishing Biblical Morality. We’re also raising funds through this program. We highly recommend magazines from Focus on the Family. They have magazines for all ages and various life circumstances, and I'm happy to tell you more about them.

Contact me or see Products / Periodicals on our web-site menu for more information. Now, go remove some litter from your place of business.

Forgotten Last Words

They were among the last words Jesus spoke before his ascension. I wonder if you remember them or would know where to find them in the Scripture. They should be among the most honored and revered words found in the Bible. Yet, it seems that they may have been forgotten.

I'm sure there are a thousand reasons. I have my own excuses. I know where to find the words, but I don't follow them very well. I know what the phrases are, but I have not taught or exemplified them well to my wife, children, and neighbors. I do have my heart and mind set on changing that.

I'm speaking of the Great Commission, the main ministry of the church, the part about "go and make disciples". It's found at the end of Matthew, chapter 28. Oh, by-the-way it says "make disciples", not "converts". Many Christian churches struggle to follow this command, and we have a great opportunity to strengthen the church; the kingdom of God.

Several years ago, I met Pastor Rick Ives. Pastor Rick was a guest speaker at Grace Christian Center in Round Rock, Texas. Pastor Rick resides in Ohio and does evangelism and missions in Russia and other places. Rick's church has a ministry called "Discipling Another to Love Jesus". What a concept!

The America Bless God Campaign invited Rick's co-minister, Pastor Ray Willis, to tell pastors in Williamson County, Texas about "First Steps". First Steps is a one-on-one discipleship resource that equips Christians to disciple a new believer. The idea is to help build-up new believers with basic Christian disciplines in the first three months after their profession of faith. Twelve local pastors attended the luncheon to hear about First Steps. A First Steps Discipleship Seminar is planned for May 10th. I ask you to examine yourself in this area and join us for this important training.

We'd love to bring the First Steps Discipleship Seminar to your city or town as well. Read more on our web-site, and remember Jesus' last words ... "go and make disciples"...