Friday, April 18, 2008

Too Busy to Turn

Most of us live in a fast paced life. Our days are packed with work, volunteer meetings and responsibilities at home. We're headed down a pre-determined path, and we don't have time to change course. We are too busy to turn.

The city leaders and pastors that I talk to are just as busy as other Americans. Fewer people are taking the time to read. Audio and video resources are preferred by many. The campaign is now using two new audio/video products to communicate the value and role that Christianity has played in shaping our nation. These products can be used in the car the PC, or the home entertainment system. This makes it easier for influential people to be influenced by the great Christian Heritage of our nation!

Newt Gingrich and David Barton have produced a new video/DVD called ...
"Rediscovering God in America"

Gary DeMar has produced an audio CD titled:
"America: The Untold Story"
These two resources are great gifts for busy civil leaders and pastors. These products align with our purpose of re-establishing Biblical Morality and promoting America's Christian Heritage. Your contributions to the campaign will help us distribute more of these audio/video resources and the books that we've been giving to civil leaders since our inception.

Visit our web-site to join me in impacting our nation with the History of Our Great Nation!

Hippos are Happy Even in the Mud

We've lived in Hutto for over two years now, and we've like this "little town" very much. Certainly it has muck and mire like everywhere else, but Hutto has been able to maintain a small town feel, even in the midst of explosive growth. The people here are happy Hippos, even though we all have our mud puddles to deal with.

A number of exciting efforts are underway in Hutto. I am co-ordinating the Hutto Ministerial Alliance with the prompting and support of Hutto Police Chief, Harold Thomas. The fellowship and camaraderie of the pastors is great.

The Ministerial Alliance started an "Adopt-A-Cop" program, where each church is praying for and encouraging specific police personnel. Police Chaplain training by the International Conference of Police Chaplains is set for early May. We have nine ministers/pastors registered, and expect more to participate.

The Cities of Hutto and Taylor have adopted an Army unit that deploys to Iraq in June. The unit does aviation attack and recon. The cities will help support the troops and their families, before and during deployment. Click here to see the press release.

I'm also leading a group of local volunteers that has put together two National Day of Prayer events for Hutto, Texas. ABG is sponsoring the events and hosting the web-site: Hutto Mayor, Ken Love, issued a National Day of Prayer proclamation to Hutto citizens on April 17th, 2008. We look forward to seeing God answer prayers for "little town" and our nation.

BTW: Remember the Jena Six? Read about the revival that recently took off in Jena, LA, where racial tensions captured media attention last fall.

Secular Litter-a-ture

Do you remember overtures? If you listen to classical music, you may have heard a good one lately. If you watch classical movies, you might have seen one. If you're like contemporary culture, maybe you need a refresher on the meaning of this word. This paragraph is one.

The point is that we tend to just jump right into the main drama these days. The steamy build-up of romantic scenes is rarely depicted anymore. Movies and TV programs just go straight to throwing clothes off. That's the way it is with most magazines as well.

Grocery store check-out lines and business waiting areas are filled with the litter of secular magazines. I call it “litter-a-ture”. It litters the mind with the immoral secular godless ideas that hurt our families and our children.

The America Bless God Campaign signed an agreement with Focus on the Family in late 2007. We're now working to place magazines filled with Godly instruction in business waiting areas. The ideas of man are nothing special, Godly Wisdom is a rare jewel (Thanks Tim Ewing).

We’ve placed magazines in several businesses in Hutto, and a few homes in various states. Placing these magazines in public areas aligns with our mission of re-establishing Biblical Morality. We’re also raising funds through this program. We highly recommend magazines from Focus on the Family. They have magazines for all ages and various life circumstances, and I'm happy to tell you more about them.

Contact me or see Products / Periodicals on our web-site menu for more information. Now, go remove some litter from your place of business.

Forgotten Last Words

They were among the last words Jesus spoke before his ascension. I wonder if you remember them or would know where to find them in the Scripture. They should be among the most honored and revered words found in the Bible. Yet, it seems that they may have been forgotten.

I'm sure there are a thousand reasons. I have my own excuses. I know where to find the words, but I don't follow them very well. I know what the phrases are, but I have not taught or exemplified them well to my wife, children, and neighbors. I do have my heart and mind set on changing that.

I'm speaking of the Great Commission, the main ministry of the church, the part about "go and make disciples". It's found at the end of Matthew, chapter 28. Oh, by-the-way it says "make disciples", not "converts". Many Christian churches struggle to follow this command, and we have a great opportunity to strengthen the church; the kingdom of God.

Several years ago, I met Pastor Rick Ives. Pastor Rick was a guest speaker at Grace Christian Center in Round Rock, Texas. Pastor Rick resides in Ohio and does evangelism and missions in Russia and other places. Rick's church has a ministry called "Discipling Another to Love Jesus". What a concept!

The America Bless God Campaign invited Rick's co-minister, Pastor Ray Willis, to tell pastors in Williamson County, Texas about "First Steps". First Steps is a one-on-one discipleship resource that equips Christians to disciple a new believer. The idea is to help build-up new believers with basic Christian disciplines in the first three months after their profession of faith. Twelve local pastors attended the luncheon to hear about First Steps. A First Steps Discipleship Seminar is planned for May 10th. I ask you to examine yourself in this area and join us for this important training.

We'd love to bring the First Steps Discipleship Seminar to your city or town as well. Read more on our web-site, and remember Jesus' last words ... "go and make disciples"...