Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ad Campaign Update

Do you believe that TV, movies, music, and magazines can have a negative impact on culture? I do too. I also believe that they can be used for good purposes as well.

We've been testing out the use of billboards, newspaper, radio and the Internet. We desire to use these to help turn America back to Biblical Morality, and are excited to announce two ad campaigns that are under development: "Take your Bible to School" and "Show Commitment".

We have pulled down the old billboards in Rockdale, and are preparing to re-launch our Rockdale effort and to launch PSAs regarding the Bible in Texas Schools. Read more on our main web-site and consider helping us make these campaigns a reality.


America Bless God

Monday, July 7, 2008

First Bookstore Order

Thank God that the America Bless God message is getting around.

This past week a bookstore owner from Georgia contacted me. She was looking for America Bless God bumper stickers, saying that folks were asking for them. She placed an order for 50 clear decals and 50 white bumper stickers. They are now shipped and paid for!

I'm very grateful for this small milestone.

America Bless God

Independence Day in Liberty Hill

What a blessing! This July 4th I enjoyed a wonderful day at the American Family Reunion Event in Liberty Hill, Texas along with several of our volunteers. We saw George Washington (Mark Collins) and Congressman John Carter at a luncheon for Veterans, ministered to a number of people, and had great visitors to our booth. It was a very successful day.

Overall, we prayed with seven or more people, witnesses to two unbelievers, helped a family needing a church home, signed-up over twenty people for the campaign mailing list, and took in about $250 in donations and sales.

Mr. Don Bebee of American Family Reunion invited us to the event. I had no idea how providential this event would be. We met Congressman John Carter and his opponent for the District 31 seat of the U.S. House, Mr. Brian Ruiz. We made contact with several different churches, including a youth minister from Eldorado.

The were varied needs among the folks we prayed with . We asked the Lord to help a veteran suffering from with Leukemia; A family with relational problems; A veteran concerned about our nation; School teachers in need of strength, and unbelievers in need of the Savior. We spoke at length with an off-duty police officer who thanked us numerous times for helping to steer our nation back toward God. The folks with visited with were very positive about the campaign.

John Auer and Andy Beers helped setup the booth. Rob Coker was there all day long, and was a great blessing with his willingness to talk to people. Rob shared encouragement from God's Word, told folks about our campaign, witnessed to folks, and prayed with those in need. Dede, Michael, and Bryana also helped operate the booth. We left Lions Foundation Park around 10:30pm, after the fireworks display. It was a long day, but very successful.

Thanks to Don Bebee and American Family Reunion for the great venue, and above all, thank God for His faithful provision.

America Bless God

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Politics, Religion and Apple Pie

Most of you reading this understand that these are among my favorites topics. I love baseball and Chevy's also, but you'll find my days packed with Religion and Politics. And yes, my belly has seen it's share of apple pie.

We live in the greatest nation on planet earth. Ours is unique. Ours is free. Ours is built upon liberty, not oppression. Yet, I must honestly say that I am direly concerned about the direction of our nation. I desire to hand my children and grand-children the nation that I grew up in. The land of freedom to succeed or fail. The land of independence. The land of the hardest working, bravest people in the course of history.

It is with great excitement that I say the following. We are going to the air-ways! The America Bless God Campaign will launch a new weekly radio program at the end of July, "Political Hope!" We aim to illuminate the intersection of religion and policy.

The Founders of the United States saw the deep connection between religious principles and good government. They knew that self-government and the separation of powers were central to liberty. We intend to give the citizens of America hope that our political system will survive the test of time. We aim to help people understand and simplify the varying ideological viewpoints that direct the policies of those in power. That's where the apple pie comes in.

Religion and politics are very controversial topics. Political Hope will feature live interviews with guests of opposing viewpoints. Apple pie and coffee are needed to help develop friendship and respect in the midst of our differences, as we talk with you and the guests live on the air.

Save the date. We're launching on Sunday, July 27th at 4pm.

Will someone please bake a pie for us? You can listen on-line at http://www.klgo.net/ or over the airways in Austin, Texas on The Word, 98.5 or 99.3 FM, Teaching and Talk for Austin and Central Texas. Please make plans to call us on the air to talk Politics and Religion with a mouth full of apple pie.

God Save the U.S.A.