Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Torch of Freedom

It is easy to get overly focused on one aspect of life. This can happen in the church, businesses, families, government or with individuals. In churches, we can focus on worship to the detriment of discipleship or evangelism. We can overly focus on in-church fellowship to the detriment of reaching the lost outside the church. In business we can overly focus on internal procedure or training at the expensive of being out generating sales. With the government, well I'll leave that to your observations.

As individuals, men often focus on earning money at the expense of relationships with their wife or children. Women sometimes focus so much on the kids, that they neglect their husband. If we allow our childs education to be dominated by secular teaching, we can fail to firmly implant the laws of God. With all of us we can overly focus on family, sports, or a hobby at the expense of our community. We need to live balanced lives that support family, church, community and government.

Michael Bullock has participated in the Patriot Academy for the last two summer sessions. The Patriot Academy is a mock legislative session held at the Texas Capitol for young people age 16 to 25. Michael spoke about the importance of passing the Torch of Freedom from one generation to another. His speech was given at our Third Annual Banquet on October 11, 2008.

Watch the Torch of Freedom Video

America Bless God - Pass the Torch of Freedom

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