Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Worldview Encounter

You encounter it every day. You encounter it in your home, schools, workplaces, churches, courthouses, and shopping malls. You can't even escape worldview in your car driving to work! Everyday you have a Worldview Encounter.

The term worldview has become more commonly used, yet not more commonly understood. It is what it says; it is the way we look at the world. The world includes everything we know or engage in. It includes everything under the sun. Our worldview is the pair of sunglasses that shades our evaluation of the situtations we see around us.

Often, Christians have a worldview that is more Western or cultural than Biblical. We only desire or think to apply the Bible to a portion of our world. We especially like that part about heaven and grace, and especially dislike the part about sin, evil, personal responsibility, politics, and a host of other disdained topics. We are also selective in which parts of the Bible we decide to apply or not apply.

The America Bless God Campaign is excited to bring you Worldview Encounter 2. At Worldview Encounter 2 you will encounter a Biblical Worldview from expert teachers representing National and International Ministries. We aim to help you see and change the face of the Christian Worldview in Austin and Central Texas. We desire to help you more fully understand and apply the Bible to all aspects of life under the Son. In 2006 we brought Gary DeMar to Austin for Worldview Encounter 1. This year we have more great teachers converging on Austin to Change the Face of Austin and Central Texas. You'll not want to miss Dr. Gary Cass, Jay Seegert and more.

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America Bless God

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