Monday, November 2, 2009

Flexible Discipleship Ministry

One size fits all doesn't always fit well with churches. Each congregation has it's own dynamics of character, maturity, staffing and ministry. Pastor Trey Kent of NorthWest Fellowship different church dynamics from those of Pastor Mark Westerfield at Central Baptist in Round Rock. Both are strongly committed to the Great Commission, and First Steps Discipleship Ministry is flexible enough to help both congregations with a solid approach to making disciples.

Pastor Trey hosted a First Steps Seminar to equip NWF lay people for one-on-one discipleship, while Bob Schweter, Administative Pastor, integrated First Steps into Central Baptist's existing discipleship ministry. First Steps provides key tools for establishing solid roots in new and renewed believers ... without disrupting existing schedules and ministry efforts.

"We find it imperative to get new Believers established and grounded quickly in their new faith. First Steps is a tool we are excited to integrate into this process so these new Believers can get a solid foundation." - Mark Westerfield, Sr. Pastor, Central Baptist Church, Round Rock, Texas

"First Steps training has enabled Northwest Fellowship to mobilize our people to disciple others to love Jesus in a practical, fruitful and reproducible way. Brent Bullock did an amazing job preparing me and our congregation to "make disciples"! Before this our discipleship was haphazard - now we have a plan. I thoroughly recommend Brent and First Steps!" - Pastor Trey Kent, Northwest Fellowship, Austin, Texas

Plan now to attend a special First Steps Seminar for Pastors and Ministry leaders on November 18th at Austin Baptist Association. We will provide you with foundational principles for successful discipleship. These foundational principles are already bearing fruit around the world, and help shut the back door of the church.

First Steps Seminar for Pastors
Wednesday, November 18th, 11 am - 2 pm
Austin Baptist Association
3811 Harmon Ave.
Austin, Texas 78751

Registration $25 (including seminar, workbook & lunch)
Phone: Brent Bullock, 512/914-2242

This seminar is a consensed version designed especially for pastors and ministry leaders. Registration is $25, which includes First Steps training, a workbook and lunch. You will be encouraged and strengthened in fulfilling the Great Commission.

America Bless God
He is Worthy of Honor & Praise
Brent Bullock, Minister

PS: For those unable to attend or outside the Austin area, we would be honored to speak with you about bringing First Steps to your area.

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