Friday, April 18, 2008

Secular Litter-a-ture

Do you remember overtures? If you listen to classical music, you may have heard a good one lately. If you watch classical movies, you might have seen one. If you're like contemporary culture, maybe you need a refresher on the meaning of this word. This paragraph is one.

The point is that we tend to just jump right into the main drama these days. The steamy build-up of romantic scenes is rarely depicted anymore. Movies and TV programs just go straight to throwing clothes off. That's the way it is with most magazines as well.

Grocery store check-out lines and business waiting areas are filled with the litter of secular magazines. I call it “litter-a-ture”. It litters the mind with the immoral secular godless ideas that hurt our families and our children.

The America Bless God Campaign signed an agreement with Focus on the Family in late 2007. We're now working to place magazines filled with Godly instruction in business waiting areas. The ideas of man are nothing special, Godly Wisdom is a rare jewel (Thanks Tim Ewing).

We’ve placed magazines in several businesses in Hutto, and a few homes in various states. Placing these magazines in public areas aligns with our mission of re-establishing Biblical Morality. We’re also raising funds through this program. We highly recommend magazines from Focus on the Family. They have magazines for all ages and various life circumstances, and I'm happy to tell you more about them.

Contact me or see Products / Periodicals on our web-site menu for more information. Now, go remove some litter from your place of business.

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