Friday, April 18, 2008

Forgotten Last Words

They were among the last words Jesus spoke before his ascension. I wonder if you remember them or would know where to find them in the Scripture. They should be among the most honored and revered words found in the Bible. Yet, it seems that they may have been forgotten.

I'm sure there are a thousand reasons. I have my own excuses. I know where to find the words, but I don't follow them very well. I know what the phrases are, but I have not taught or exemplified them well to my wife, children, and neighbors. I do have my heart and mind set on changing that.

I'm speaking of the Great Commission, the main ministry of the church, the part about "go and make disciples". It's found at the end of Matthew, chapter 28. Oh, by-the-way it says "make disciples", not "converts". Many Christian churches struggle to follow this command, and we have a great opportunity to strengthen the church; the kingdom of God.

Several years ago, I met Pastor Rick Ives. Pastor Rick was a guest speaker at Grace Christian Center in Round Rock, Texas. Pastor Rick resides in Ohio and does evangelism and missions in Russia and other places. Rick's church has a ministry called "Discipling Another to Love Jesus". What a concept!

The America Bless God Campaign invited Rick's co-minister, Pastor Ray Willis, to tell pastors in Williamson County, Texas about "First Steps". First Steps is a one-on-one discipleship resource that equips Christians to disciple a new believer. The idea is to help build-up new believers with basic Christian disciplines in the first three months after their profession of faith. Twelve local pastors attended the luncheon to hear about First Steps. A First Steps Discipleship Seminar is planned for May 10th. I ask you to examine yourself in this area and join us for this important training.

We'd love to bring the First Steps Discipleship Seminar to your city or town as well. Read more on our web-site, and remember Jesus' last words ... "go and make disciples"...

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