Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Undisputed Evangelical Manifesto

"Go and make disciples of all nations ..."

He didn't ask for converts. He didn't ask for "Evangelicals" (i.e. the May 2008 U.S. contemporary political definition). He asked for disciples. He asked for those that love God, love people, and obey His commands. He ask for those that know Him, and therefore the Father.

The harsh reality is that many converts to Christianity simply fall away in the first few months following a profession of faith in Christ Jesus. Maybe they are driven away. The harsh reality is that many churches don't disciple new believers, or old for that matter. The America Bless God (ABG) Campaign and DA2LJ Inc. aim to change that.

ABG, DA2LJ and Abundant Faith Church in Round Rock, Texas worked together to bring the First Steps Discipleship Seminar to the Austin area. On Saturday, May 10th, twenty believers representing eight churches and five "denominations" gathered to become better equipped for one-on-one discipleship. What a blessing! Pastor Art Cardenas of Abundant Faith Church was very gracious in hosting the seminar and excited for the possibilities of further equipping his congregation.

Sylvester Treadway of Abundant Faith led us in several inspiring worship songs. The man is gifted and passionate! Pastor Rick Ives of Springfield, Ohio taught the seminar. Pastor Rick has many years of evangelism and discipleship experience in Russian and the U.S.A.

Pastor Rick covered the material in a way that helped us to become very familiar with the structure of basic discipleship lessons in First Steps, and helped us to be ready and equipped to disciple another. I pray that First Steps will grow wildly in Central Texas and the U.S. as we seek to embrace the undisputed evangelical manifesto.

"Go and make disciples of all nations ..."

God save the U.S.A.

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