Thursday, July 3, 2008

Politics, Religion and Apple Pie

Most of you reading this understand that these are among my favorites topics. I love baseball and Chevy's also, but you'll find my days packed with Religion and Politics. And yes, my belly has seen it's share of apple pie.

We live in the greatest nation on planet earth. Ours is unique. Ours is free. Ours is built upon liberty, not oppression. Yet, I must honestly say that I am direly concerned about the direction of our nation. I desire to hand my children and grand-children the nation that I grew up in. The land of freedom to succeed or fail. The land of independence. The land of the hardest working, bravest people in the course of history.

It is with great excitement that I say the following. We are going to the air-ways! The America Bless God Campaign will launch a new weekly radio program at the end of July, "Political Hope!" We aim to illuminate the intersection of religion and policy.

The Founders of the United States saw the deep connection between religious principles and good government. They knew that self-government and the separation of powers were central to liberty. We intend to give the citizens of America hope that our political system will survive the test of time. We aim to help people understand and simplify the varying ideological viewpoints that direct the policies of those in power. That's where the apple pie comes in.

Religion and politics are very controversial topics. Political Hope will feature live interviews with guests of opposing viewpoints. Apple pie and coffee are needed to help develop friendship and respect in the midst of our differences, as we talk with you and the guests live on the air.

Save the date. We're launching on Sunday, July 27th at 4pm.

Will someone please bake a pie for us? You can listen on-line at or over the airways in Austin, Texas on The Word, 98.5 or 99.3 FM, Teaching and Talk for Austin and Central Texas. Please make plans to call us on the air to talk Politics and Religion with a mouth full of apple pie.

God Save the U.S.A.

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