Thursday, January 22, 2009

Commit to Christ Bride Program Launches in Rockdale, Texas

Contact: Brent Bullock, (512) 914-2242

Commit to Christ Bride Program Launches in Rockdale, Texas

The America Bless God Campaign of Texas is pleased to announce the Commit to Christ Bride program in Rockdale, Texas. Radio and newspaper ads were launched today to help turn attention to the importance of the church. The program includes mission events over the ninety (90) day period from January 22nd through April 21st, 2009, and is aimed at strengthening church attendance in Rockdale.

Local pastors estimated the attendance rate at 12% of Rockdale’s population in the year 2005. The America Bless God Campaign will be measuring church attendance with a unique survey approach, at the beginning of the program and after completion. Successes will be leveraged as the program is executed in other communities.

The program has established mission projects between Rockdale churches and the larger metropolitan area churches. The first of these mission projects is the PowerRally to be held on January 31st at 6 p.m. This effort is a partnership between Great Hill Baptist Church of Austin, Texas and Meadowbrook Baptist of Rockdale. Pastors Tim Moore and Rick Hertless have partnered together with the America Bless God campaign. Rockdale churches of various Christian denominations are involved in the effort. Rockdale area folks attending the PowerRally will see and hear the powerful testimony of former NFL pro-football player, Keith Davis and other influential professionals.

What a privilege it is to be part of the Rockdale Power Rally. It’s a night to bring families and friends, men and women, boys and girls together for an encouraging word; to see for your self un-imaginable feats of strength. It a night to celebrate God’s goodness in song and praise; and to learn the truth of how to grow and build in the sense of God’s purpose and design for your life. The Power Rally will be a night you will long remember and will be forever grateful you were there. - Tim Moore, Missions Minister, Great Hills Baptist Church, Austin, Texas

We are going to spread the gospel of Christ through the PowerRally and other events, and we believe God will do great things by His Spirit to bring help and hope to our community. We look forward to seeing how God will use the efforts, as we prepare ourselves to disciple those who will come to know Christ. - Pastor Rick Hertless, Meadowbrook Baptist Church, Rockdale, Texas

The church plays a central role in shaping our culture and the future of this great society. The America Bless God Campaign is pleased to partner with Christian churches in order to boost the commitment of Americans’ to God. A web-site ( has been setup specifically to help connect folks in Rockdale to Christ’ Bride, the church.

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The America Bless God Campaign of Texas is a non-profit Christian Education corporation operating in Austin, Texas. The campaign seeks to promote the morality of Christ, raise the standard of Christian conduct, and to promote America’s Christian Heritage. Contact Brent Bullock, (512) 914-2242, or logon to for additional information about the Commit To Christ Bride program.


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