Tuesday, February 24, 2009

First Steps moving in Taylor

Yesterday we held a First Steps Pastor luncheon in Taylor, Texas. Pastor Rick Ives was in from Springfield, Ohio, and made an outstanding case for one-on-one discipleship within the critical 90 days of a decision for Christ.

Ten churches were represented at the luncheon and all attendees gave a favorable response to the presentation, and plan to support the April 4th seminar to varying degrees. Some will be sending a few key leaders, while others plan to invite the congregation at-large. You can read more about the up-coming seminar at www.hismoralbanner.com/firststeps.

I also visited with Rev. Daniel Alderette yesterday afternoon. Daniel had already expressed interest in First Steps, but was unable to attend the luncheon. The church Daniel leads just added 13 new members, and he had been praying about how to best help these new folks. After we visited, he read the Swimming Lessons book, and today he confirmed an order for 20 workbooks and we're scheduling a mini-seminar to help get them jump started. The First Steps seminar is scheduled for April 4th, and Reverend Daniel recognizes the need to start discipling these new believers right away.

Please pray for the renewed commitment to discipleship in your church. We can bring these great resources to your church. Other First Steps Discipleship Seminars are coming to Texas soon!

America Bless God

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