Saturday, March 7, 2009

Jump Start for Jerusalem Pentecostal Church

Rev. Daniel Alderette has a good problem on his hands: eighteen new believers. Rev. Daniel is the Pastor of Jerusalem Pentecostal Church in Taylor, Texas. As Daniel was praying about how to best disciple the new believers, we announced the First Steps pastor luncheon in Taylor. Daniel and I met, and we agreed that we should not wait for the First Steps Seminar coming on April 4th.

Timeliness is one of the key elements in discipling another to love Jesus. The first 90 days of a decision for Christ are critical; Waiting 30 days for a seminar would eat up much valuable time. So, this past Thursday night, I delivered a two hour teaching on how to use the First Steps Discipleship workbook. Daniel and two of his key leaders attended the session, and Jerusalem Pentecostal Church is on their way to discipling these new believers.

More disciplers are needed, so please pray that God will bring more disciplers and quickly equip those that are willing, so the new believers will get firmly established in the love of Jesus. Send an email or call me to learn more about bringing First Steps Discipleship to your area.

America Bless God

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