Monday, June 8, 2009

Limited Time Offer?

You’ve heard it a thousand times in those pesky commercials: "Offer only valid this weekend", "Limited time offer", "Offer only valid to the first 100 callers", etc… ad nauseam! Maybe, I just destroyed my own credibility. Maybe, some offers do have expiration dates. Maybe, some chances are not worth taking.

The chance not worth taking has to do with your child. If there is one offer you cannot miss out on, it is the chance to teach your child to know, love and follow Jesus. What on earth is more important? Is there any sale, any job, or any task that exceeds the God given responsibility of raising a Godly child?

The Jews call it bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah. These are the "his and her" versions of the age of accountability. It is that time frame in which children become accountable to God. It is a limited window of opportunity you have to teach and influence your child. Once they cross that threshold; once they become of age, the returns on your efforts begin to diminish. This is really a limited time opportunity, and you dare not fall asleep on the job.

"Hand Off" is the title for our Discipling Your Child Seminar this weekend. We’ll be holding the First Steps One-On-One Adult Discipleship Seminar, and “Hand-Off” the Discipling Your Child Seminar at NorthWest Fellowship in Austin this Weekend!

Don’t miss it! Check the schedule on-line and sign-up today! Limited time offer…

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