Thursday, May 28, 2009

Discipling Another at NW Fellowship Austin

You know this, but are you doing it? Christ said, "Go make disciples." This includes the people in your neighborhood and your family. I'm not talking about people on the other side of the planet. They need this too, but I'm talking your house and your city. Are you teaching others, including your own children, to follow in the basic disciplines of the Christian faith?

Northwest Fellowship in Austin is hosting the First Steps Discipleship Seminar and the Discipling Your Child kick-off event on Saturday, June 13th. An optional Practical Discipleship Workshop follows on Sunday, June 14th.

If you're not discipling another, we can give you the tools and the confidence to obey the Great Commission. Now is the time. You are desperately needed to serve in advancing the Kingdom of Christ.

Learn more and register today >>

If you're not in the Austin area, we'd be happy to schedule a seminar for your city. Contact us today!

America Bless God

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Hi! I'm Grace said...

Hi J. Brent, I had just found out that you have commented on one of my post. I want to thank you for your words, regardless of what you were saying.
It is so nice to be here in your blog... that glorifies God's name.